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“Dr. Stein, you are the first doctor, that put a patient before money.” – Regina Polselli

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield:  Dr. Stein is one of the few remaining participating BC/BS chiropractic providers in the Four Corners.  If your BC/BS plan covers chiropractic, we will accept what your insurance pays toward a chiropractic visit, subject to your plan's copays and deductibles.  


Major Medical Insurance:  Many health insurance plans cover chiropractic; if they accept us, we accept them, again subject to your plan's copays and deductibles.


Auto Insurance:  All drivers licensed in Colorado are required to carry auto insurance.  All Colorado auto insurance policies include, minimally, $5,000.00 in coverage for Personal Injury Protection (PIP)--also called "Med-Pay" or "Medical Payment Coverage."  For a small, additional premium you can buy additional PIP coverage up to a total of $25,000, from your auto insurer.  This coverage pays for health care related to treatment for car-related injuries, and is possibly the least expensive health care coverage you can buy.  


Workers Compensation:  Dr. Stein is one of the few chiropractors in the Four Corners who is accredited by the State of Colorado, Division of Workers Compensation, as a Level I physician.  To see a Level I doctor you usually must obtain a referral from the company’s physician.  You and/or your employer can request such a referral.  Note:  if there is no company physician assigned then the employer could send their employee directly to Dr. Stein.


Medicare:  Medicare does cover part of the visit.  It covers the adjustment only.  Medicare does not cover any of the ancillary procedures that Dr. Stein may feel are necessary to relax the inflamed soft tissues or facilitate a more gentle and more effective adjustment. So for Medicare patients, if there is any additional cost, it will be explained to you before any procedures commence.  Please be assured that we know that many of our senior patients are on fixed income, and consequently we strive to make it affordable for them. 


Personal Pay:  For individuals in need of our services who lack insurance and are worried about the high costs of health care, please take comfort in the knowledge that we try our very best to be inclusive, rather than exclusive in providing care.  We have affordable rates allowing access to high-quality care for you and your family.  


If you are uncertain and want to talk to Dr. Stein before “committing”  to care, Dr. Stein does offer complimentary consultations.  He will always try to set time aside during the day to talk with you about your health concerns.  Please call the office at (970)-382-8500 to schedule an appointment for either a complimentary consultation or for a regular visit.