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How to Write a Magazine Article
Get insider information and break into the magazine-writing world! Each file below is a free download.

FREE Chart and Information! What does ancient literature have to do with modern writing? Joseph Campbell found that mythic quests often follow the same physical, mental, and emotional journeys. Some modern quests are found in stories, such as Star Wars and The Matrix. Review the Hero's Journey chart and one example so you can apply the mythic quest technique to your own action adventure stories.  
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FREE! Do you have a manuscript that you want to publish yourself? Follow these step-by-step instructions to turn your manuscript into a cloth, hardbound book. This course teaches a few of the simple techniques used by professional bookbinders. 

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Get FREE comprehension questions for third- and fourth-grade books, and FREE comprehension questions and answers for many popular second grade readers. View the titles index and more by going to SimpleLiterature.com.  

This FREE self-paced course is packed with practical information about the craft of writing stories and the reality of the children's book industry.  
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